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The Island Minister TM
Weddings anytime, anywhere on Galveston Island.
Voted best in Galveston 18 years in a row.
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The Reverend John Bostock Ph.D.

Galveston Island's Wedding Minister

for your Galveston Island Wedding
Properly Ordained Minister

Rev. John Bostock at St.Joseph's Church
The Beach

Rev. John Bostock. Galveston Island's Wedding Minister

Weddings anywhere, anytime in Galveston, Texas officiated by Englishman Rev. John Bostock.

Anytime, Anywhere on Galveston Island

Ceremonies to suit you for the most important day of your life

Rev. John Bostock

Weddings can be as formal or informal as you wish. The Island Ministers will be happy to make your special day even more special.

Nondenominational, Anglican, Unitarian, Vow-renwal, Interfaith, or most other religious or nonreligious ceremonies, - it's up to you.

Why not get married on the wonderful Island of Galveston?
A beautiful Galveston Beach Wedding?
With Galveston Island's favorite Wedding Minister.

**Why not get married on beautiful Galveston Island?**

*Wedding Ceremonies*
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* Wedding Venues*
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(Unfortunately we do not travel to Bolivar or Crystal Beach)

Churches, Beaches, Parks, Hotels, Etc. Galveston Island has them all

    Elope, Religious, Celtic, or Civil

  • Civil: The civil ceremony is a legal ceremony with no religious content.

  • Nondenominational: This ceremony is used for marriages "in the presence of God" but has no commitment to any particular denomination.

  • Interdenominational: This nice ceremony is similar to the nondenominational ceremony but contains parts from both the denomination of the bride and groom.

  • Anglican: This is the most popular ceremony. Based on the traditional Church of England ceremony but updated for America. A beautiful ceremony that is often used for Church weddings.

  • Catholic: This is the shortened Catholic ceremony (without Mass or Communion). A beautiful ceremony that is suitable for a Catholic wedding not held in a Catholic Church.

  • Celtic: This wonderful ceremony, Is based on the original Scottish and Irish Celtic ceremonies.

  • Inter-religion: This ceremony can include two Ministers, one from each religion (for example: Jewish-Christian).

  • Daoist: This wonderful ceremony, Is the western version of the Daoist or Taoist ceremony.

  • Vow Renewal: This ceremony is for couples that are already married but wish to re-new their vows. Civil, Anglican, Masonic, Nondenominational, etc.

  • Commitment: This ceremony is for couples that either do not wish to or are unable to legally marry but wish to commit to each other.

  • Animals: Animal and Pet blessings and funerals.

  • Funerals: Unfortunately there comes a time when our bodies fail us and earthly life comes to an end. Rev. John will be honoured to assist in the passage.

Whichever ceremony you choose (there are many more ceremonies available including: Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Celtic, etc.), it will be performed with the utmost care and professionalism by the Rev. John Bostock.


Want a Church Wedding? There are churches available to you on this wonderful island. The historic St. Joseph's Church


The Galveston Beach Wedding. A very popular venue for weddings. Imagine being married on the edge of the sea or even on one of the piers surrounded by water. Beach set-ups of chairs and arches are available through Connie Claypole (see our links page)


Galveston has some lovely parks. A very romantic venue.

Horse Drawn Carriage or a Boat

Why not get married on the back of a horse drawn wedding carriage being pulled by a beautiful white horse along the tree lined streets of the historic district of Galveston, or on a beautiful Boat in Galveston Channel as you are passing one of the beautiful cruise ships?

Hotels and Other Beautiful Venues

There are so many beautiful hotels and B&Bs on the island.

Most offer both inside and outside venues and will be happy to adapt to your requirements.

Why not try the Roof Garden on the Strand where you can marry on the balcony or inside. Even many of the restaurants will be happy to accommodate you.

If you are booking your honeymoon here too, why not try Galveston.Com? beautiful hotels and Victorian houses for rent for your stay, the ceremony can even be performed there.

Check out our photos page and our links page for a few ideas. Or call, we can always give you a few ideas.

*Wedding Themes*

Rev. John has the reputation for adapting wedding ceremonies to suit the occasion, your theme and the couple, for example - Dicken's on the Strand - Biker Week - Mardi Gras - Halloween - etc.

Some Other Ideas

Why not include a Piper? Bagpipes to pipe the bride in and the couple out.

Check out our links page for Photographers, Musicians, Caterers, venues, etc.

There are endless possibilities for your wedding on Galveston Island.

Rev. John Bostock is also available for appointment as Chaplain to prisons, hospitals, care homes, funeral homes, etc.

You can even pay by Credit/Debit card online.

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The Reverend John Bostock is Chaplain to hospitals and many other organizations, the former Senior Minister of Harmony Church and a member of the following:

National Association of Wedding Ministers
Texas Association of Wedding Officiants
Association of London Chaplains
Association of Kilted Clergy
2008-2009 Minister for "Dickens on the Strand"
Galveston Historical Foundation
Christian Wedding Ministers

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