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Your wedding is special with the Island Minister

Here are some photos of just a few of our weddings

The garden at the Hotel Galvez

The beautiful altar at St.Joseph's Church

Rev. John's own wedding

A civil ceremony on the beach

Rev. John

At Grace Manor

More on the beach

Rev. John is the first minister to perform a wedding on the Galveston/Bolivar ferry

Rev. John was the first to perform a wedding on the horse drawn carriage on the Strand.

A beautiful November evening

Full Cowboy wedding

On the beach at sunset

Arch and set-up by Connie Claypole

Baptism available too

Another beach set-up by Connie Claypole

At the Roof Garden

Wendy & Eric

Ashton Villa

Marilyn and her Mr. Man (Ron)at the Tremont Ballroom

On the Beach top of 37th Street


Inside St.Joseph's Church

Waiting for the bride

The Custer Wedding

Rev. Todd at the beach

The gazebo at Ashton Villa

A joint ceremony with Connie Claypole

An intimate moment

The beautiful sunset on Galveston Island

In Moody Gardens hotel

A fun moment

At St.Joseph's

On one of our fishing piers

Another beautiful bride

It's good to laugh

Interfaith with 2 ministers

In the San Luis gazebo

Arch by Connie Claypole

At Beach Town

Chris & Kelli, one of the many weddings that Rev. John officiated on 07-07-07

A beautiful day in Galveston

At Darragh Park, one of the many beautiful Parks on Galveston Island.

Leaving St.Joseph's

On the beach

Tiffany, another beautiful Bride

St.Joseph's again

St.Joseph's standing room only

The beautiful Kempner Park

In the hill country

Hidden Palms in Santa Fe

Another part of Kempner Park

On the roof of the Tremont Hotel

The Happy Couple

Don't drop the ring!

Civil ceremony on the beach by the Flagship Hotel

Outside the Hotel Galvez

Ready to do this?

A great wedding

Galveston is THE place for weddings in Texas

On the beach in a kilt (glad it wasn't too windy!)

Arrive on the carriage ......

..... and marry on the beach

The beautiful St.Joseph's

The Bride and Groom at Kempner Park

Kempner Park just before the wedding

On the beach

Annette and Ray's wedding at Melrose Pub

St.Joseph's Church

Another at St. Joseph's

St.Joseph's is a beautiful Church

On one of Seahorse's carriages

One of our wonderful Navy guys at St.Joseph's

In Darragh Park

Two of our local Press reporters at Garten Verein

On the beach with a set-up by Connie Claypole

My friends Tiffany and Fred at St.Joseph's

The kiss

A proud Dad

Who gives this woman

Joe & Diane's Wedding at Ashton Villa

In a kilt at St.Joseph's Church

Inside Ashton Villa

The vows

A gift from the groom

The Groom and Rev. John on "the walk"

A civil ceremony in the gardens of Ashton Villa

At "Dickens on the Strand"

The historic Ashton Villa

A new family is formed

Sand ceremony for the whole family

Taking the vows

Scottish Wedding

Celtic ceremony

More on the beach

There are so many nice beaches

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