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The Island Minister TM
1701 21st Street, Galveston, Texas, 77550

Rev. John Bostock Ph.D.
Wedding Ministers

Booking or Information Form.

If you encounter any problem completing this form, or have any questions, please feel free to call
  (409) 256-9511

Complete this form and click on the Submit Form button at the bottom of the page to immediately e-mail it to the Island Minister. (To download a printable version suitable for mailing Click here)

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Please read the refund police and payment requirements on the Prices page carefully.


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If you, unfortunately, have to cancel your booking, we will refund 50% of the total cost if canceled prior to 30 days before the booked date on request. No refund will be given if the wedding is canceled less than 30 days before the booked date or if canceled due to weather, storm, flood or any other act of God or problems not in the control of the Island Minister.
Please note: Your agreement to allow any photographs to be used on the website is assumed unless you inform us otherwise.

Please Note: A late charge will be made for weddings that are over twenty minutes late in starting. This charge will be based on the time entered above.



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