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The Island Minister TM

Rev. John Bostock Ph.D
Your Galveston Island Wedding Ministers.
(409) 256-9511

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      We know the date of our wedding. What do we do next?

Just complete the Information Form on our website or you can contact us by telephone at (409) 256-9511 or contact us via email We will gather information about you and the type of ceremony that you want, and answer any questions that you have about our services. If you like, we can set up a consultation with you where we can talk in depth about your ceremony.

2.      What allows you to perform the ceremony?

Our Ministers are properly ordained Ministers of the Gospel, not just licensed deacons. Rev. John Bostock Was ordained in 1984 in the Anglican Church and is qualified to perform weddings in every State. He has officiated hundreds of weddings since moving to the USA from England some 13 years ago. He retired as the Senior Minister of Harmony Church in Galveston, Texas.

3.      We want to get married in a Church but we don't belong to one. What can we do?

Most traditional churches only rent their churches to members. However, the Historical Foundation manages the historic and beautiful St. Joseph�s Church in Galveston and is willing to rent it for weddings etc.
they can be contacted via their website

4.      What does the Minister normaly wear during the ceremony?

We generally wear minister�s robes for most ceremonies or a suit for the civil ceremony but we can change our attire to suit your preferences. We have even performed ceremonies dressed (at the request of the couple) in a kilt or Island shirts and shorts. Regarding appearances and every aspect of your ceremony, we strive to make the wedding a joyous occasion and not cause any offense to any guest or to the bridal couple themselves. Just tell us what is important to you and you will get exactly what you want.

5.      How long does the ceremony last?

Most ceremonies are between 15-30 minutes, depending on what the couple wants to include in the ceremony. The length of the ceremony is totally up to you. The length depends on many variables including; will someone read a poem or sing; how many people in the bridal party processing in and out etc. You are not charged based on the length of your ceremony or how many guests you have. It should be only as long as you want it to be.

6.      What is the fee?

There are many variables for every wedding such as the location of the ceremony. If you email or call us with the particulars of your wedding, we will be able to tell you the fee amount. Most wedding ceremonies will cost just $200.

But why do you not go to Crystal Beach and Bolivar?

Due the time it takes waiting for the ferry on the way out and in, this wait time can be as long as three hours each way adding up to more than six hours to our time.

7.      How do we get a marriage license?

The rules for getting a marriage license depend upon the state you will be married in. View our Wedding Details page for more information.

8.      What ceremonies do you perform?

We have done almost every kind of ceremony that you can think of:
Anglican, traditional, alternative, non-denominational, interfaith, religious, spiritual,
Daoist, civil,
Masonic, Celtic, second marriages, vow renewals, commitment and more.
We will customize your wedding to be exactly what you want it to be. You will not be disappointed.

9.  Where do you perform ceremonies?

We can perform wedding ceremonies wherever you are getting married, including churches, reception halls, historic buildings, parks, beach, boats, on the sea, horse drawn carriages, outdoors, on horse back, or at your own home.

10.  Do you do outdoor weddings?

Yes. Over the years we have performed many ceremonies in parks, gardens, gazebos, boats, horse drawn carriages, the beach, the grounds of historic buildings, etc. Since it is impossible to predict the weather, we recommend that an alternate place be picked in case of inclement weather on the wedding day.

11.  As a Minister, what other services do you provide?

All of us are properly Ordained Ministers of the Gospel, therefore we can offer a full spectrum of ministerial services such as:

Vow Renewals
Commitment Ceremonies
Funeral/Cremation ceremonies performed at the funeral home and/or at the gravesite.
Speaking Engagements.
Full Church services.

12.  Do you require premarital counseling?

No, we do not require premarital counseling. You and your partner are adults and your choices in such matters are strictly your own. However, if you wish to have premarital counceling, our ministers are qualified and will help you any way we can.

13.  Do we need a rehearsal?

A rehearsal with the Minister does incur an extra charge. Couples have different feelings on this issue. Most couples find that a rehearsal is not necessary as long as the minister/officiant is experienced and knowledgeable. Other couples choose to rehearse so the minister can advise them on the best proceedure to use. Some have a rehearsal but do it without the minister since the minister knows their part and the couple just wants to familiarize the wedding party with the wedding site and their part in the ceremony. Another option that saves money for the couple if they are intent on a rehearsal is to do a short rehearsal a half-hour before the ceremony begins. To add to your comfort level, consider the following: We make sure we arrive early to the wedding site, usually half hour before the wedding begins, so that we can go over anything which needs to be addressed.